The Power of Pinterest


The Value of Pinterest

Now valued at over $11 billion, Pinterest is the fastest growing social network. With over 47 million monthly U.S. users and 50 billion pins, two thirds of these pins are from brands and advertisers. People spend more money on items found on Pinterest than any other platform due to the intent to buy. If you aren't familiar with Pinterest, watch this video for a short tour of pins .

After testing out what works and what doesn't, we want to provide a few best practices that we can all be doing. It just takes a few minutes a day to start engaging your dream audience! 

It can be a little overwhelming starting from scratch amongst all the other social media platforms out there that demand our attention. After a little time, you get the idea and naturally pin things that you like. While there are many best practices out there to help engage your audience, there aren't a lot of people actually applying it to their brand strategy, ourselves included. The biggest advantage you can have is by pinning a photo that is beautiful but also looks different from the rest. When I started pinning products from our shop, the pins didn't look the way I wanted them to. Rose came up with a few different Pinterest templates for me to use that work great for pinning content to our boards. We thought they might add value to our followers as well. 

Why is this important to you?

One thing we see with many photographers' Pinterest boards is the pinning of small images from their blog with no description of the item or board, and the links often don't work, potentially losing a client. It's important to make sure your images have good descriptions (ex: why you chose that location or something that happened that day that speaks to your potential clients). Make it personal. What were their names? Where were those shoes from? How was the weather?

Remember one thing:

Pinterest is the future. People refer back to their pins when planning events, putting together recipes, and deciding on vendors for their wedding (hint, hint, photographers!). A Pin lasts forever. Make a great first impression for potential clients! 

Use this Photoshop template to build an engaging pin that showcases details of your sessions within multiple photos. Please add us on Pinterest; we would love to see your work! This is one part of a series of posts we will be sharing about Pinterest.  Leave us a comment below to share your own best practices on Pinterest or if this article was helpful to you. We will be sharing more social media posts soon, so stay tuned!

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